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DBC trade company

DBC corporation is an international trading and investigating market company (EMC) , which started in 2019 in Iran. This company wants to expand its following activities with the members of Eurasia Union and European Countries, in addition to East Asian Countries.
Right now this company is exporting Isfahan’s Stone as profitable good of Isfahan.
And we are trying to improve the capacity of exporting of this good to the countries like China, Italy, and ect.
DBC Export Management Company, with its close relationship with Iran’s mines, especially Isfahan, has the ability to supply all kinds of Iranian stones
Also, by having a smart team in the field of stone trading, it is ready to cooperate with all businessmen, stone processing companies, project workers and final stone consumers around the world.
DBC strives to gain customer satisfaction primarily through the entire procurement process, as well as to continue its after-sales service.
Our products are available in Marble and Travertine in blocks, boulders, slabs and tiles in unlimited sizes.

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