Marshall marble

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Marshall marble is surrounded by a dark black background and white and gold lines. This stone is similar to the Golden Black stones,the difference is that the  Black Marshall stone has a larger grading size. Marshall Stone  has two varieties ( Black Marshall and Golden Marshall ) and the difference is in the closed role lines in them. The Black Marshall Stone has a black theme with white spider lines, but the Golden Marshall Stone has the same black theme but the spider lines are golden, each with its own beauty. Marshall marble is processed in both longitudinal and slab forms.

High gloss and transparency are the most important features of Marshall Marble. If the abrasive of this stone is of high quality,its transparency will increase many times over.

Application and benefits

Hotel lobby floor stone

Stone floor of stylish commercial and residential units

interior view

Stone floor and parking floor

Lobby walls and interiors

One of the features of  Black Marshall stone is its high compressive strength and low water absorption. This stone can be used for  toilets , bathrooms and places that deal with water and humidity, including the kitchen.

Black Marshall stone price

The price of  Black Marshall marble  depends on several factors:

The more beautiful the uniform texture, the higher the price.

Low-grade rocks without cracks are more expensive.

Black Marshall thickness   has a direct effect on it.

The larger the Black Marshall Stone  and the more precise the cut, the higher the price.

The processing quality of  Black Marshall stone in terms of sub, cutting, resin will have a great impact on the price of stone.

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