Pietra Brown

About Stone

Pietra Brown stone has a dark brown to light brown color and is sometimes the tip of a pencil surrounded by spider veins, making it attractive. Pietra Brown stone has low water absorption and high abrasion resistance. Pietra Brown marble is processed in the dimensions of tiles and slabs. The acceptability, transparency, design and beautiful role of Pietra Brown stone have always been of interest to architects.

Application and benefits

Outstanding features of Pietra Brown stone:

  • High strength
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Dark color and unique design
  • Low water absorption percentage due to high compression and molecular density
  • High susceptibility due to high density
  • Unique transparency

Due to the good processing of the stone in polishing and polishing, Pietra Brown stone has high efficiency and use in the interior and exterior walls of buildings, floors, stairs and cabinets

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