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Lashtar marble has a grayish- black background with white streaks. this stone is processed into abrasives, tambourines, bush hammers, axes and hoods.

There is also Lashtar marble, also known as Pietra Gray.

This type of marble is cut in different dimensions of tiles and slabs.

This stone has a very good resistance and is one of the most resistant stones in the building against impact and pressure.

This stone has low water absorption and is very durable against cold and high heat and can be used in any situation.

Application and benefits

Pietra Gray stone is mostly used as a facade stone for downstream facades.

Because its color does not fade due to its proximity to water and it is very reasonably priced.

In modern architecture, slabs of this stone are used in conference halls, reception halls, corridors, and so on.

Pietra Gray marble also plays an essential role in the design of toilets and new bathrooms and gives a special effect to the environment with its dark color.

A look at the new European designs reveals that this stone is very popular in these designs.

One of the drawbacks of this product is the type of ax stone facade.

The ax prevents the price of the stone from rising and prevents slipping in places where it is used as a carpet floor.

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