Spider Rose

The Spider Rose is a marble stone, and as the name implies, the Spider Rose has a white background with dark, golden lines that are spread out like spider webs inside the stone.

Black Royal marble

The Black Royal marble has a completely black background and irregular white lines are scattered in it

White Limestone

White Limestone is a type of limestone that is characterized by the calcareous nature of the rock


Takab Travertine

Takab Travertine has a light cream background to a chocolate background, the light colors of which tend to be white

Pietra Gray

Lashtar Marble has a grayish- black background with white streaks


Marshall Marble

Marshall marble is surrounded by a dark black background and white and gold lines

Pietra Brown

Pietra Brown stone has a dark brown to light brown color and is sometimes the tip of a pencil surrounded by spider veins, making it attractive

Paradise Marble

Paradise Marble has a uniform texture & comes in a variety of colors such as cream, dark-cream & beige


Gray Galaxy

One of the most special marbles in Iran is the Gray Galaxy stone, which is characterized by its stunning color and lines.

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