summer & granite

Summer heat in the city – light granite as road surface can help to keep the temperatures bearable

Not only the high albedo of the material can keep the microclimate within limits, but also an installation that promotes rainwater seepage

In the middle of summer, life in the city can become unbearable when the heat stands between the canyons of houses for weeks on end and even at night the temperatures don’t drop any more. It is particularly bad in the so-called urban heat islands. A research project in the French city of Lyon has now investigated to what extent certain floor coverings on streets and squares can help reduce such heat stress for residents and plants. The French magazine Pierre Actual, itself based in Lyon, has reported on the results: light-coloured granite achieves the very best values in heat equalization and a specific substructure under such a pavement can further enhance the positive effect.

What is important with these findings is that they were achieved on a scientific basis. Up to now there has only been experience in this respect, but this has not really provided planners with reliable data.


12 June, 2020

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