Corporate Architecture with natural stone for the winery Maison Delas Frères

The architects of the office Carl Fredrik Svenstedt have placed a striking building facade like a theatre curtain in a small Rhône town

France has a great tradition in building with solid stone, i.e. with small blocks that are assembled to fit perfectly, and a current project is literally playing grand theatre with it: it is the new building for the winery Maison Delas Frères in the small town of Tain-l’Hermitage in the Rhône Valley in France (Département Drôme). The project was awarded one of the French prizes for natural stone architecture of the year 2019.

The building is a grand theatre in that it has placed a conspicuous corporate architecture in the tranquil vineyard nest, and because this architecture looks like a monumental stage curtain that has perhaps just been drawn and still resonates a little after a big performance.

This wall is 80.5 m long, between 6.90 and 8.10 m high (because there is a slope in the terrain), and is composed of 303 massive sandstone blocks (measuring approximately 2 m high x 1.10 m wide x 55 cm thick). On one side it delimits the new buildings of the winery with the tanks and the sales room, which are located behind an additional glass wall. At the same time, it protects the entire complex from direct sunlight.



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